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Meet Heather and Gina from Flair Talent Agency!

As a full service boutique agency, we are committed to meeting the needs of both the client and our talent representation. We take pride in navigating our exciting industry, we use honesty, trust and attentiveness as our primary guiding principles. When you sign with us, you become a part of our family.

To aid in the sourcing and viewing of our talent base, we have designed a cutting-edge website gallery. With private access entry, you can easily navigate through our entire talent database. Our gallery is updated frequently, and is a major marketing tool for our talents and is ready to work for them. This advanced platform provides valuable opportunity to showcase our talents pictures, videos and resumes.

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Gina Lapointe
Heather Findlay
(BA Psych)
FTA offers a carefully curated Talent Development and Talent Representation service menu and excels in sourcing a wide range of talents from every background and diversity. Bridging your skills to exciting and safe viable markets, is our primary concern.

With an industry emphasis on supporting minors (but not limited to), FTA is proud to represent the following markets:

  • Dance
  • Theatre | Acting
  • Film | Television | Commercials
  • Fashion | Modeling | Print Photography
  • Music | Videos
  • Live Talent Campaigns
  • Spokesmodel | Key Note Appearances
Our carefully selected team of colleagues, industry professionals and agents are poised and ready to get-to-know-you! After a small preliminary interview (to see where you best fit), we’ll embark on a wonderful journey together—a journey where we work tirelessly to preserve your trust in our agency.

FTA is currently offering the following boutique services:

  • Full Service Intake
  • Audition Awareness
  • Casting Call Awareness
  • Talent Development Workshops
  • Audition Chaperoning
  • FreshPoint Academy (Tween | Teen)
  • Sparklers Specialty Programs (0 | 10 years)

Be sure to visit our Workshops & Tours page for added inspiration, most current workshop offerings and exciting FTA collaborations.

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Heather Findlay
Principal Talent Agent

Gina Lapointe
Principal Talent Agent

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